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Fun-Keys Fabulous Diwali Rangoli

So this is our first time to celebrate Diwali and we have wanted to learn about it and do our musical version of it. By now you would have heard our very own Diwali song sung in English and also listened to the different covers that we and our students have done. Send us your own, we have loved listening to the different styles!

Now Rangoli that was a fantastic challenge to undertake. Dani has surpassed himself on this. So let's give you a bit of background. Originally, we had the idea of making a moveable circle of 5ths that was inspired by our Jay's school science project. We made all the parts of the circle of 5ths so they could move like the science symbols wheels.

This made it great for kids to learn. Now using this model, Dani changed all the key signatures and added instruments inste

ad and this became our very own Fun-Keys musical Rangoli. We think it looks colourful and fabulous and hope you love it too. Do send us your comments please, we love getting feedback. So for the next few weeks, as a thanks to our subscribers, we are having this available for free download for you to use. Have fun with it and please do credit it us with it. Do support small businesses like us by dropping us a review if you use our materials. We are all teachers and much of this work is done in our time so do spread the love.

Enjoy our Rangoli, see you soon

Sunita, Jay, Dani, Lucy and David


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