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Pre-school Piano - Musical Notes!

Hello Mums and Dads, and Mini-Musos!

This week, we’re learning all about the different musical notes, and how long or short they are. There are four main note-lengths, and soon you’ll be able to play using all of them! 🎶

🌈 Using our fun sheet, colour in the four different note-lengths in different colours so you’ll find it easier to remember each one! 🌈

📹 Then, watch our amazing video which uses different animals to help you remember what each note looks like!

👏 Start by clapping in each rhythm, or marching round the room using fast or slow steps, then have a go at playing any note you like in the different rhythms. 🎹

Here’s another special challenge for you:

Can you remember the names of all four note-lengths without looking at the sheet? AND can you remember how to draw them on a piece of paper? Why not give it a go? ✍️

Have fun, and see you here again next week! 🎉

Take care!

David and the Fun-Keys Team

🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹


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