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🕵️‍♂️ Mission Impossible - RIGHT HAND ✋

This week we are looking at the right hand again for Mission Impossible! We started looking at this last week and did a great job!

A quick recap of last week: Watch out for the 5/4 time signature, that extra beat is always there!

Flats! Remember we have Eb, and Bb! Sharps! Watch out for the F# that features a little later on in the melody! Now we have looked at the rest of the melody.

There are two rhythms that we use in the right hand:

  • The first is 2 quavers (half beat notes) followed by a minim, tied to another minim. The quavers are much shorter - you should imagine them as short da-da’s. The minims are equivalent to a semibreve as they equal 4 beats! So when you hold the minims, count to 4!

  • The second rhythm is a crotchet, followed by a 1 and a half beat note, followed by two crotchets. This is a bit trickier to understand as it is a syncopated rhythm, meaning it is not on the beat!

Use the video to help you understand this. Happy practising! Dani and the FunKeys team.


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