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Avengers - Left Hand practise! (Intermediate & Advanced)

Hi guys,

🎹This week we are looking at the left hand of the Avengers!

🖐🏽Now that we have learnt the right hand and understand the rhythm, we are going to focus on the left hand and putting them together.

❗As mentioned last lesson - the right and left hand share the same rhythm, which is why the left hand is a lot easier to learn!

🎶We are playing a repeated octave G (A lower G and higher G) for the majority of the piece, until we change to an octave E flat, and then an octave F.

❗Remember! We are switching from semiquaver to quaver constantly, which is what makes the rhythm so interesting.

👍Focus on playing the octaves together for this week, and next week we will look at putting hands together.

📺Recap the right hand in the meantime with the video attached!

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team

👑 🎹 👑 🎹


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