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😱 ALL Major and minor chords on Guitar 🎸

Hi guys! Today I will show you the most useful thing about guitar you will ever learn! 😱

You will learn how to play ALL major and minor chords 🎸 in less than 1 minute!

🎸 1st: Choose a string. You can choose either string 5 or 6

🎸 2nd: Choose a note! 🎸 3rd: Place your index finger ☝️ on your chosen note! 🎸 4th: To play a Major chord use the chart provided. Remember that number 1 is our index

To play a minor chord use the chart provided!

🎸 5th: Apply those 2 positions to any notes you can play on string 6

😀 Same trick applies for string 5! Only using different positions!

P.S. Please 😔 don’t play the string 6 all when playing chords on string 5!


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