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How to read the stave in music theory

Hey Funksters! 🎵🎶 Dani here!

Today we are learning how to write music with the stave. 🎼

We can draw a stave by drawing 5 lines one under the other (0:20).

Then we add a treble clef to the beginning of the stave! The treble clef means we must play music from the middle to the high end of the piano 👉🏻 (0:42)

For the low notes we use a bass clef at the beginning of the stave! 👈🏻 (0:52)

Today we are looking at the treble clef only. 🎼

On the stave, we have 5 LINES and 4 SPACES. (1:05) Using these lines and spaces we can add notes! On the lines, we have E, G, B, D and F (1:19).

There is a simple way we can remember the notes on the lines: Every Good Boy Does Fine on the line! 👦🏽 For the spaces, we have F, A, C, E (1:32).

There is a simple way we can remember the notes on the lines: F A C E - on the Space! 😁

Try to remember these two rhymes by repeating them out loud. (1:59)

Do it several times to make sure you don't forget! 👍🏻

Let's find the notes on the piano! Start with the middle of the piano with E, G, B, D and F. Then try with the notes on the spaces - F A C E (2:46) 🎹

Now take a piece of paper and draw your very own stave! (3:45)

How did you do? Can you draw your own stave and treble clef? 🥳

Did you see where the butterfly landed? Let us know in the comments. 🦋 Have a great day and keep practising!

Bye bye 👋 Dani, Lucy, Sunita and Jay. ⭐

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