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10 young students from the ages of 8 to 10 years from Mount Stewart Federation schools made a democratic decision to try out for their ABRSM Grade 1 theory this year. All the parents supported their kids.

Each week, we debated, held quizzes, took test papers, worked through Eric Taylor and Maureen Cox, compared notes and gave it our all. It took months of chats on WhatsApp to make sure we all took this challenge together and were there for one another. This video is a celebration of their brilliant work.

Well done kids and parents and to our mummy who took the exam too! In all we got an outstanding Pass, three Merits and six Distinctions! You are all amazing and we at Fun-keys want you to know that you are awesome students.

We hope you love the video that we have made for you. Thank you to the Mount Stewart Federation for giving us their support too. We can't wait to start work on Grade 2! Enjoy your Xmas you wonderful musicians of the future.

Love from the Fun-Keys team

Sunita, Dani, Freddie, Lucy, Cameron & Jake

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