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'D' the Dude! Finding the note D

D is a great way to find the notes on the piano! Yes it really is. So you look at the piano keyboard and think...I wish I knew how to play it. Where do I begin. Well, first you have to know that there is a musical alphabet. It is simply this:

A, B, C, D, E, F & G.

This pattern of notes repeats all across the piano. When I think of D, I look for the two black keys and imagine that this is where D the dog lives. From the D, I can work out where all the other notes go. E will always be after D and C will always be before it. Take a look at this fun video. We have thrown in a bit of beatboxing with Jay and some piano with Patrick. You can make up your own song to help you to remember.

Now for the weekly FQ - that's Fun-Keys quiz if you are new to our You Tube clips.

Q: Where does the D live?

Answers next week.

Let us know via YouTube or if you are on one of our WhatsApp parent's groups, drop us a text.

Don't forget to give us a like on YouTube. We make these videos to help kids and parents around the world to feel funky cool and comfortable learning about piano and music.

Peace out

Sunita, Jay, Freddie, Ashifa, Dani & Simon

* We are inspired by our students so keep it coming, we love to hear your news.

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