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Theory Paper 2

Paper 2 - music and time Follow Holly through theory paper 2 where we look at music and its relationship with time! Did you know that music has a heart beat - just like you! Notes follow this beat and they use it to tell a story with sound. CROTCHET - 1 beat MINIM - 2 beats SEMIBREVE - 4 beats Can you help the notes tell a story with beats? What can your notes sing ?? We also look at 'bar lines'- no not chocolate bar lines! Bar lines split up the music so we can read it easily. Have a go at adding notes to the bars to complete the beats and adding bars to the notes by counting the beats! Well done mini-musos!

See you next time,

Sunita, Prakash, Jay, Dani, Rachel, Alex, Ana, Holly & Phoebe

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