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Piano is good for the brain. Fact

Here's a good article on what piano does for your brain as a child.

"Musical training doesn't just affect your musical ability — it provides tremendous benefits to children's emotional and behavioral maturation."

"What we found was the more a child trained on an instrument it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control."

What this means is that all those left right brain connections are creating a more balanced child. Also, musical training can help with cognitive disorders, such as ADHD. It's something we've definitely found anecdotally with children with varying degrees on the autistic spectrum. They respond to piano and music in a way you have to see to believe.

We knew this already from our work. Now it's been proven with research.

"Music helps us become better people".

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more, or email us if you'd like to see how our piano teaching method can help your child.

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