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Intermediate / Advanced - Improvisation for Coffin Dance

Hi guys!

🎹 This week we will be looking at improvisation! This means learning how to improvise around a set of chords. This technique is heavily influenced by Blues and Jazz music.

Improvisations usually revolve around a set of chords or a scale.

We are going to be using this F# minor scale:

▪️F#, G#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#

👍 Which is the natural minor! This means that instead of an E# that you would find in the harmonic minor, we have an E natural. This allows it to fit over the top of our chords in the song.

You can choose any of these notes to improvise over the top of the Coffin Dance chords!

❗Remember, you can take any of these notes in any order, using any rhythm (As long as it's in a 4/4 time signature) for it to work.

⚰️ These are our three chords to improvise over:

▪️D major (D, F#, A)

▪️E major (E, G#, B)

▪️F# minor (F#, C#, A)

📺 Watch this video of Dani improvising to give you some inspiration, but it is completely up to you! You can create whatever melody fits.

Happy practising guys!

Lucy and the FunKeys team.



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