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Imagine - Chords for Beginners

Hi all

This week, Lucy has made a fab video about how to play the piano chords for the iconic song 'Imagine' by John Lennon.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, watch the sections of the video and it will guide you through what the chord patterns are. If you look back at our previous blogs and you want to know more about chords, take a look at Jay playing chords and melodies to help. This song uses the chords C major, C major 7 and F major. Now that may seem a little confusing at first, but don't worry, you can look at the attached sheet, watch the video as many times as you like and also drop us a comment if you need help. We got you!

Go at your own pace. Use your left hand for this one. So the chords to Imagine are as follows - remember to hold the notes down at the same time.

C Major chord: Notes - C, E and G

C Major 7 chord: Notes - C, E, G and B

F Major chord: Notes - F, A and C

Remember to play them with your left hand.

After you have become confident with this and try this a few times, then see if you can add the melody from the last 'Imagine' blog. Go well and let us know how you got on. Drop us a LIKE and a comment. It helps us to bring you new content. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun (it's just peaked through in the UK)! Sunita, Jay, Lucy, Dani & David

* Don't forget to download the music sheets to practise with too.


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