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How to play Coffin Dance - Part 2

✋Hey guys!

⚰️ This week we are looking at part 2 of coffin dance! We are focusing on the chords rather than the melody this week, but make sure to recap the melody too!

📚We are going to be using the Left hand, as we are in the bass clef.

🎵We only have three chords that are repeated continuously! Those chords are:

D major

(D, F#, A)

E major

(E, G#, B)

F# minor

(In the order C#, F#, A)

🎹 To play the chords all you need to do is hold them for 4 counts (a semibreve) and play the final chord (F#minor) twice!

📺 Use the video below with Lucy to help you learn! It also shows you how to put the Left hand and right hand together.

😆 Stay tuned to the end for a challenge!

👍 There is also the fun sheet attached from last week's blog to help you put the left hand and right hand together.

Happy practising!

Lucy and the FunKeys team.



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