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John Thompson course out Now!

It's finally here!

Our parents and kids have been asking us for videos and tips about this book for years. We have done what you have asked for. 35 vids and quizzes that break down this book with easy to follow steps.

All this is now available on Teachable. It is really easy to join. Go back to our homepage and click the link and for £9.60 a month, you can have access to this course and learn in your own time. While you will learn in your own time, know that we are still here and will answer all your questions in the comments sections of the course. If you feel you still need more help, drop us a line and we'll make a video to help you with your journey in piano playing.

So sit back, watch Dani and then join us on the journey to learning how to play beginners piano with John Thompson.

See you soon

Sunita, Jay, Dani & Lucy


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