The Stave 🎼

Hello everyone! 😃

📝 Almost every day we write things down: homework, notes, lists or even stories and poems! We use the letters on the alphabet to create words and words to create phrases. Writing things down on a piece of paper or a notebook helps us to be able to remember what we wrote afterwards when we read it back. 👀

🎵 The same happens with music. We may come up with a nice melody and will need to write it down. Or we may want to read and play what other musicians wrote.

For this we use THE STAVE, 🎼 and instead of letters, we draw notes. 🎶

🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼

The Stave has 5 lines and 4 spaces where we draw the notes.

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ - The Stave 🎼 🔍 Which are the notes on the spaces?

📹 Watch the clip to get your answer!

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