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5 Fingers Exercise

Hello kids, mums and dads! 😃

This week we are stretching our fingers and performing a little exercise on the piano 🎹

Start stretching your right hand's fingers and get ready for the action! ✋

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ - 5 Fingers Excercise 🤚 🔍 On which note of the keyboard does the butterfly land in the video?

In this animated video we show you how to do it! 🎥

🎬 Watch the clip and follow the tips. Then print the funsheet provided below and practice at home! It's so easy and simple. 😇

Have fun and do get in touch if you need any help. Remember if you like what we do, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We make these clips for you to enjoy!


See you next week with more practise tips from the team.

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