Online Course

John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course. Part 1.

Your outcome

You will learn beginners piano & music and will be able to play your first tunes.

£20 per month

  • 35 Step by Step high-quality Video Lectures

  • Learn the basics of piano & music.

  • Suitable both for children and adults

  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly Completely self-paced​.

  • Gain exclusive access to the private WhatsApp community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your classmates.

Learning Piano

Do you want to learn how to play piano but don’t know where to start?‍

This course is designed to present the easiest possible approach to piano playing, complete with an amusing family of characters and illustrations to help emphasise the information being taught.


Part one is devoted to developing fluency in reading by note, the biggest hurdle for most beginners.

The range is purposely limited: Only five notes up and five notes down from middle C are presented and time values do not go beyond crotchets.

Your coach will be Dani and he will guide you through your first approach to piano & music.

The format of the lessons

Each one of the 35 lessons include:

  • Skill it in a minute video lesson.

  • Illustrated and detailed transcription of the lesson.

  • Copy of the music sheet.

  • A question to help retain the knowledge gained.

In this course you will learn piano & music skills

  • The Stave, how it is formed and how to read it.

  • Treble Clef and Bass Clef.

  • 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 Time Signatures.

  • Types of notes: Semibreves, Minims, Crotchets and Dotted Minims.

  • The notes C, D, E, F, G, A & B and where to find them on the keyboard.

  • Silence in music or rests.

  • Finger numbers and which keys to play with each one.

This course contains its own writing exercises, sight reading drills, review work and later, technical studies.


As bonus content, accompaniments for teacher or parent are supplied with most of the lessons.

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